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            • Sichuan Yuanyoutianxia Food Co.,Ltd.
            • Tel: 028-36682666
            •           028-36682777
            •           028-36682888
            • Address:Sichuan province renshoucounty Lin Industrial Park
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                Sichuan Travel World Food Co. Ltd., self heating food production base, a total investment of nearly 500 million yuan, covers an area of nearly 200 acres, is the self heating convenient food production project is currently the largest domestic investment, production of the largest and most advanced equipment.

                Including Steamed Rice, Hot pot, self heating convenient products, is a new era of rapid elimination of a new product in the field of products, on the side of the city set off a wave of consumption, the characteristics of convenient and fast fashion, by the modern people loved and respected, and has a broad market space and development prospects of sustainable.

            CopyRight Sichuan yuanyoutianxia Food Co.,Ltd.
            Tel:028-36682666 028-36682777 028-36682888
            Address:Sichuan province renshoucounty Lin Industrial Park