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            • Date:2018-01-20
              1. determine the destination of Tourism The first thing you have to think about is time, and the next is economic capacity. In terms of these two factors, you can basically determine the general orientation of the desti......
            • Date:2018-01-20
              Material preparation Ingredients: chicken leg meat 400 grams, fried peanuts 50 grams, eggs 1. Auxiliary materials: garlic 5 petals, a proper amount of starch and 10 dry chili. Note: appropriate proportioning, Sauce: 500......
            • Date:2018-01-20
              1. pork cut into ding; 2, put a small spoon of oil in the pot to a slight heat, put into the ice sugar and stir fry until the ice sugar is completely melted; 3. will be diced stir fry, which evenly wrapped in syrup; 4. ......
            • Date:2018-01-20
              The birth of 1, hot dry noodles The advent of hot dry noodles is purely a chance. About 70 years ago, a founder of the Hankou Long Beach street hawkers around Guan Yu Temple, with a long neck sarcoma, others called him ......
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