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            Yuanyoutianxia named "brand integrity"
            Source:Manager  Date:2018-01-16  Count:105

            In January 12, 2018, the 2017 global annual meeting of Sichuan merchants was held in the Grand Theatre of the world of Chengdu. The meeting issued the 2017 Sichuan brand list, travel the world with your meal, I carefully "commitment" brand Sichuan finalists list".

            Self heating food production base in Sichuan travel the World Food Co., Ltd., is the Meishan municipal government signed a key investment projects, projects a total investment of nearly 500 million yuan, covers an area of nearly 200 acres, is the self heating convenient food production base is currently the largest domestic investment, production of the largest and most advanced equipment. Travel the world leaders clearly recognize that the survival and development of an enterprise, depends on whether the products meet the market by consumers and dealers authorized. The dealer makes money, then the enterprise develops, the enterprise develops, the dealer will make the money more, this is one of the simplest truth. So far, the world in pursuit of high-quality products for the factory, consumers put forward "you eat my heart," the benevolent production way, for dealers, like family to put forward, "you are way of business sales, I take good care of", aims to create a pioneering, pragmatic and efficient sales team. The good products and consumers together, allow enterprises to become a dealer, strong backing, let the factory become consumer confidence in the kitchen". This is the conscience of commitment, let the world travel dealers have confidence, "the heart of our sales, you can rest assured of production!" A back and forth enterprise, is willing to make joint efforts to make the world high quality products made of high market share, consumer favorite selling products.

            It is reported that, Sichuan 2017 brands list with the public recommended by the organization committee, in accordance with the brand influence, brand reputation, brand purchasing power, brand strategy planning standards. It covers various fields, such as technology, retail, banking, food, health, real estate, finance and so on. It aims to further enhance the brand influence of Sichuan business enterprises, and focus on displaying and promoting excellent brand of Sichuan merchants, so as to promote stronger brand building in business. The list is designed to lead the "Sichuan brand" brand to expand the domestic and international market and achieve the goal of "excellent brands win respect for Sichuan", so that the value of Sichuan brand can be recognized by the society.


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