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            The largest self heating food production base production
            Source:Manager  Date:2018-01-09  Count:91


            Travel the world general manager Liu Chunmei opening speech

            Deputy magistrate Chen Shuangcheng renshoucounty announced the world travel operation

            Leaders and guests to travel the world production of ribbon

            Leaders and guests visit the modern production line

              From the dealer to witness the world travel operation


            In January 1, 2018, with a box of self heating convenient from the automatic production line Steamed Rice filed out, self heating food production base in Sichuan invested 500 million yuan to build the World Travel Food Co. Ltd. formally completed and put into production. The industry of the county's deputy director Dai Ping, vice mayor Chen Shuangcheng, Lin Industrial Park Party Working Committee Yang Yilin, by the letter of the Secretary Chen Gang, director Li Wenxue, Lin town Party Secretary Yang Bin, county investment company chairman Zhou Zhongbin and other relevant departments, and dozens of dealers, travel from all over the world all the staff, to witness this historic moment. Sichuan Province as one of the agricultural industrialization in the field of key construction projects, the project will further promote Sichuan, Sichuan, Sichuan, Sichuan grain pig transfer and other characteristics of industrial development, Sichuan from a big agricultural province to a strong agricultural province to provide a solid support across the industry.

            It is understood that the project is located in Sichuan province renshoucounty Lin Industrial Park, covers an area of nearly 200 acres. Renshou is the "first city" of the development of Chengdu to the south. The county area is included in the core area, radiation zone and influence area of Tianfu new area, and is now on the national level Tianfu New Area's high speed development train. As a key investment projects in the county, the county government attaches great importance to the project construction, and strive to create "service soft environment of Pro business, love, wealthy businessmen," and actively open up the green channel service for construction projects, the full implementation of the "nanny, one-stop service, promote the project construction of high starting point and a strong start.

            To build industry-leading "Transparent Factory", "smart factory", planning a high starting point, high standard design, high quality construction, high level management to the project, the production equipment are imported from abroad, the process in strict accordance with the HACCP international standards, the workshop environment is fully compliant with GMP standard design and construction that is currently one of the few to reach the international standards organization (ISO) one of the "green factory standard and intelligent", since the hot food production base is currently the largest investment and production of the largest and most advanced equipment.

            It is understood that the project contracted to put into production in just 7 months, to create a new "Jenshou velocity" and "speed".  In May 2017, the project signing commenced; in June, a row of plant built in Lin Industrial Park in an open space; in July, a black asphalt plant in around August, a vertical link; Taiwan advanced equipment into the plant from September, a section from all sides; the production line in the workshop gate trial operation; in October, a group of employees began training; in November, a group of dealers from all over the country in December, the US KF group come in a throng; Yuanshezhongyang had the first "international order"...... At present, the company is taking the initiative of "opening up is the decisive battle and starting to sprint". It works overtime, and makes full efforts to produce convenience foods such as self heated rice, self heating noodles and self heating chafing dish, so as to ensure the order demand and market supply.

            The general manager of Sichuan Travel World Food Co. Ltd., said Liu Chunmei, the company will focus on the construction of Sichuan province "trillion" food and beverage industry system blueprint, Sichuan to the standardization, industrialization, brand mission, to create "Tianfu taste" for the self heating food industry core fleet for the implementation of inheritance. The strategy of revitalizing the country, accelerate the construction of agricultural brand, promote industrial precise poverty continue to inject new vitality.


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